Yazaki - Gas Fired Double-Effect Chiller-Heaters

Gas Fired Double-Effect Chiller-Heaters

CH-MG Series: 150 and 200 RT Cooling Capacities

Part Load Cooling Performance

Normally, for comfort cooling applications the chiller-heater will operate at part load cooling for most of the time. Since less heat is rejected through the cooling tower during part load cooling operation, the lower cooling water temperature improves the cooling performance by increasing the Coefficient of Performance (COP) and reducing the gas input. The chiller-heater can operate with 65°F minimum cooling water inlet temperature without the need for cooling tower bypass control.

  1. Fuel Input (%) is gas consumption as percentage of full load rated fuel input.
  2. Cooling Capacity (%) is percentage of full load rated cooling capacity.
  3. Broken line indicates part load characteristics at full load rated COP.