Yazaki - Gas Fired Double-Effect Chiller-Heaters

Gas Fired Double-Effect Chiller-Heaters

CH-MG Series: 150 and 200 RT Cooling Capacities


  • Each Chiller-Heater Serves a Dual Purpose: Cooling and Heating
    This compact chiller-heater reduces floor space and installation costs because it replaces the traditional chiller-boiler combination and simplifies piping, pumps, valves and controls.
  • High Cooling COP of 1.2
    Reduces fuel consumption and operating costs by up to 17% compared with other double-effect absorption units.
  • Part Load IPLV Rating >1.3
    Reduces seasonal fuel consumption because the chiller operates more efficiently at part load for most of the time.
  • Low NOx Gas Burner <30 ppm
    Advanced Riello low NOx gas burners are used to meet the strict air quality requirements of California and other states.
  • Hermetic Integrity
    Strict quality control and testing with a mass spectrometer ensures the vacuum section is airtight and eliminates the need for an onboard mechanical purge pump. Hydrogen, a by-product of the absorption cycle, is continuously removed through a palladium cell or stored with other noncondensible gases in an external purge tank
  • PID Microprocessor
    PID (proportional, integral and differential) controls are utilized to optimize the absorption cycle performance and provide stable chilled water and hot water outlet temperatures under all load conditions.
  • Burner Firing is Modulated 30% to 100%
    The burner is proportionally controlled to match the output capacity of the chiller- heater and reduce operating costs.
  • Safe, Odorless, Non-toxic Working Fluids
    Ozone safe and CFC free. Working fluids of non-toxic lithium bromide and water operate safely under a vacuum at all times.
  • A Single VFD Hermetic Solution Pump
    One variable speed pump circulates solution and reduces electrical consumption at part load. Additional pumps are not required because gravity feed drippers are used to distribute refrigerant and solution instead of spray nozzles. This eliminates the need for periodic nozzle maintenance.
  • Low Cooling Water Temperature
    Cooling operation allowed down to 65°F inlet cooling water without the need for cooling tower bypass control.
  • Weatherproof Cabinet
    Equipment room is not required because the chiller-heater is enclosed in a weatherproof cabinet suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Low Electrical Consumption
    Since less than 19.3 VA/RT is required to operate the chiller-heater, it is not neccessary to upgrade the existing electrical service.
  • Built-In Shutdown Controls
    Safely shuts down the chiller-heater under abnormal operating conditions.
  • Ideal for a Two Pipe Hydronic System
    Installation costs reduced because only two pipes are required to transport chilled or hot water to a central air handling unit or multiple fan-coil units.
  • 30 Minute Changeover
    Cooling/heating changeover only requires a 30 minute delay.
  • Simple Mode Selection
    Cooling or heating operation can be selected at the chiller-heater or remotely from the building management system.
  • Built-In Digital Display Panel
    Used for mode selection, operating status and troubleshooting.
  • Remote Chilled Water and Hot Water Reset
    Raise chilled water setpoint or lower hot water setpoint to reduce operating costs during unoccupied hours.
  • Hinged Marine Water Boxes
    Allow easy access to the condenser and absorber for tube cleaning and maintenance without disconnecting piping.
  • Factory Installed Crossover Pipe and Insulation
    Eliminates site fabrication and installation of crossover pipe between the absorber and condenser and site insulation of cold and hot surfaces.
  • Simplified Transportation and Lifting
    Each modular chiller-heater is mounted on a steel frame and anchor points are provided for lifting.
  • Quiet Operation
    Since the chiller-heater has relatively few moving parts, the noise level is typically less than 74idB(A) and there is no vibration. The chiller-heater is ideal for installation adjacent to occupied spaces because it does not compromise occupant comfort.
  • Simple Maintenance
    Only two routine service calls are required per year to evacuate noncondensible gases and check other operating conditions. Start-up, routine maintenance and troubleshooting are provided by a network of independent Yazaki authorized service providers with backup from the factory.
  • Factory Charged and Performance Tested
    Since each chiller-heater is shipped completely assembled and tested, installation and start-up are simplified.
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 Factory Certification
    Quality control is assured by compliance with strict manufacturing and industry standards.
  • UL Listed for USA and Canada