Yazaki - Water Fired Single-Effect Chillers and Chiller-Heaters

Water Fired Single-Effect Chillers and Chiller-Heaters

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for heating when used in a two-pipe system with properly sized water coils. (WFC-SH models only)
  • Mode and Enable/Disable condition can be selected remotely.
  • Only a 30-minute changeover delay between cooling and heating modes. (WFC-SH models only)
  • The absorption cycle is energized by hot water. This hot water can be from any source such as cogeneration, solar, or any waste heat source as long as it can be provided to the chiller or chiller-heater at a temperature between 158°F to 203°F.
  • Extended capacities available when supplied with cooling water colder than design standard of 87.8°F (WFC-M design standard 85°F) and/or heat medium warmer than design standard of 190.4°F (WFC-M design standard 194°F).
  • Faster cold start-up time (as quick as 90 seconds) than similar chillers with flooded generators.
  • Working fluids of lithium bromide and water operate under a vacuum at all times and are safe, odorless, and nontoxic.
  • Only one rotating part: the hermetically sealed solution pump.
  • Vacuum vessel fully hermetically sealed at the factory for a level of vacuum integrity that is unmatched in the industry. No field welding necessary.
  • Helps to prevent crystallization by utilizing a solution pump and gravity drain-back design.
  • Chilled and hot water outlet temperatures controlled by a built-in microprocessor with outputs to control a 3-way heat medium bypass valve, all relevant pumps, and even the cooling tower fan (if so desired). All valves and pumps are field-supplied. Alternatively, the valves are available as a factory-supplied but field-installed option.
  • Built-in logic will shut down the unit under abnormally high heat medium and/or cooling water temperatures to help prevent crystallization and other service-related issues.
  • Proprietary solution and inhibitor blends ELIMINATE the need for regular chemical analysis of working fluids within the unit, resulting in much simpler regular maintenance when compared with most other manufacturers.
  • All chillers and chiller-heaters are supplied with UL50E Type 3R cabinets that are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation without modification.
  • Factory charged and run tested. Solution balancing done at the factory so that it does not need to be done in the field at startup potentially eliminating DAYS of necessary commissioning time when compared with other manufacturers.
  • UL Listed as a unit for USA and Canada.